8 Ways to Track YouTube Video Performance

Significance to Kellogg’s:

Having clear visibility as to who exactly is interacting with your videos is obviously important. Knowing what tools are available can help a brand deepen that knowledge and will allow for the creation of content with much more relevance.

These tools give you the analytical know-how to help create improved branded content to more effectively get your videos:

  • Discovered in organic search in both Google and YouTube results
  • Watched by the largest and most relevant audience possible
  • Shared across social networks, email and embedded on other websites


    1. Follow the Number of Views Over Time
    2. Check Ratings to See What Resonates With Your Audience
    3. Research Significant Discovery Events
    4. Analyze Your Audience Demographics
    5. Monitor Viewer Drop-Off
    6. Track Traffic Sources
    7. Take Note of Sharing Statistics
    8. Encourage Subscriber Engagement

Article: http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/youtube-video-performance/